Your Nails Speak Volumes About You: Here Is How To Take Care Of Them

good looking nails
You can tell the personality of a person by simply looking at their nails. Some people will choose bold colors to express themselves while others will choose subtle colors. Whatever the case, this choice of colors solely depends on an individual. Often, we tend to subject our nails to hash chemicals making them weak. Proper care of your nails keeps them healthy and strong.
The best thing is that you do not have to spend so much money to have healthy looking nails. Here is what you need to do to have amazing nails.
Eat healthy

A diet does determine the health of your nails to a very large extend. If you are always eating junk, your nails will not get the necessary nutrients they need to grow and look healthy. They will become weak and start breaking. By eating healthy, you can be sure to have strong nails. It’s also important that you drink lots of water because water is part of healthy eating.

Moisturizing your nails will keep them healthy. You can use a hand lotion, but if you really want to go organic, you can apply olive oil on them. Olive oil is a known moisturizer, so not only does it keep your nails from dehydrating, it keeps them nourished too.
Pay more attention to your cuticles

When cuties are dry, they will cause hang nails. It’s important to keep them moisturized and well taken care of. Another way you can take care of your cuticles is by using vinegar. Soak them for 5 minutes in white vinegar. Not only does this keep your nails in perfect shape, but it also makes polish stick to the nails much better.
Cut your nails straight

This method will prevent you from dealing with ingrown nails. Better, it even looks prettier.
Have fungus on your toe nails? Try Listerine

This may come as a surprise, but Listerine contains some antiseptic qualities that will easily eliminate germs and other bacteria. There is another use for your mouthwash! Soak your toe nails for 10 minutes daily for four days for only two weeks and your fungus will be a thing of the past.
Do you love manicure? Limit it to once every week

Frequent manicure will make your nails weak. If you just want to keep them pretty, simply moisturize and keep them really clean.
Use gloves

When you are doing activities such as washing utensils, gardening or laundry, ensure your nails are protected as the harsh chemicals used in making dish washing soap may affect your nails.
Protect your nails further by applying nail hardener
A nail hardener will protect your nails from any water damage. You can apply it bare or over nail polish.
These are some easy steps that will help you have healthy looking nails. You really don’t need to spend much while taking care of your nails. Start giving your nails the love they deserve!